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Ein Lied für Jetzt

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ip_compact and ip_diff

Somehow I always end up working with lists of IP networks and needing to minimize and compare them.

Some of my Perl scripts for this might still be hidden in a corporate source repository, and somewhere in the backups of my old Linux laptop should be even earlier attempts in Bash.

Both of them are not very useful to me where they are, thus I've written yet another version.
This time in Go using the ipaddr package.

Say hello to ip_compact and ip_diff :-)

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Stay The Fuck Home!

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This Page is Designed to Last

This Page is Designed to Last — a manifesto from Jeff Huang for preserving content on the web, where he advocates to keep content on the web available and pledges to keep his site available for the next 10 years.

Having my content in this weblog online since 2002, I can very much relate to this initiative and additionally would like to point to the efforts of (aka. The Internet Archive).
The wayback machine of allows to see old versions of websites, even when the website itself is no longer available.

For me personally this became critically useful when the database of my weblog vanished with no current backup and I then used the archived versions from to restore the missing content.

Thus I would like to encourage everyone to support the efforts of with a donation.

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The Comet Is Coming

The Comet Is Coming is a 21st century style Jazz band.
Discovered at the Jazznojazz festival :-)

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More productive Git

More productive Git — a short article from James Turnbull with 'Tips for acquiring Git super powers'.


  • git reset <filename>
  • git cherry-pick <commitid>
  • git commit --amend
  • git stash
  • git log --stat
  • git bisect

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Engineering Management

Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The Ladder — a well written article from Charity Majors about the non-trivial entanglement between engineering and management, explaining how doing everything at the same time does lead to unhappy/un-fulfilled people. Also worth reading in this context is the prequel article The Engineer/Manager Pendulum.

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Blogroll cleanup

As some links on my blogroll start to turn into 404 errors it's time to do some cleanup and also to bring in some fresh blood :-)



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New Year - New Vim Trick

Happy 2019! I have learnt a new Vim trick:
When searching for some pattern with / (eg. /mystring), often the next step is to perform a replacement command. Now instead of re-typing the whole string, you can directly enter the substitution command with an emtpy search-pattern (:%s//newstring/), Vim then automatically re-uses the previous search pattern.


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The Swiss Army Knife of Hashmaps

The Swiss Army Knife of Hashmaps — a very nice article from Ravi Shankar explaining how Google's SwissTable concept was implemented for Rust.

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