FCE Formal Letter #1

Here's the letter we had to write for this week. In fact it's not totaly written by myself because about 40% of the letter were already given and we just had to complete it.
Since we had to do this letter for today, it's not yet corrected.

Dear Mr Spiller,

Thank you very much for your letter informing me that I have won first prize in the competition. I am looking forward to going to Australia and attending the course.

I would like to do the course in August because in September my courses at the EPFL start.

In the morning, I would like to join a grammar and vocabulary class because I asume my skills in these fields could use an improvement.
In the afternoon, I would like to try making a class website because I was always fascinated by the possibilities of the internet and would like to create a part of it on my own. I would also be interested in trying to make a radio programme because I often listen to the radio and like it a lot.

Could you tell me what type of accommmodation is provided and what kind of clothes I should bring with me?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Jaggi

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