.: FCE Informal Letter #2

To continue what I started on Friday: here is the second letter I wrote for the English course. I got back this letter last Thursday, so it comes already with the corrections, but I plan to publish the next letters before I hand them in and to add the corrections afterwards.

Dear Roman,

You asked me for advice regarding next term. Here is the information I gathered for you.

The course registration is on Monday 6 September and Tuesday 7 September from 10.00 to 16.00. Register as early as possible because there are really muchmany people. There is always a big queue, but it is worth it.

Also on Tuesday but at 9.00 the College bookshop opens. You need all the books by Wednesday.
At the bookshop they cost 50 pounds£50, but you can have mine for half price, great bargain!!.

The first lesson starts on Wednesday 8 September at 9.15. It is always good to be there early (9.00) so you have a good seat.

On Wednesday evening there is a welcome party at 20.00 at Seven Starts Hotel, it is always a great fun. Maybe we will meet there?

See you there


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