Sunday, 28. September 2014Week 38
.: CVS and SVN repositories moved to Git

Today I did some cleanup of my legacy infrastructure. The repositories formerly located at and have been converted to Git and are now available at

Also is now no longer served by the old gitweb.cgi but by the fantastic GitBucket (a lightweight, self-contained GitHub clone written in Scala).

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Tuesday, 23. September 2014Week 38
.: Netflix in Switzerland via IPv6

Since last week Netflix is also available in Switzerland. The future has arrived one could say.
Not only gives this easy access to TV shows and movies but also is this access provided via IPv6.

As you can see on the graph below, this brings IPv6 out of slumber and into primetime :-)
Swiss providers are probably seeing quite an increase in IPv6 traffic this month.

Netflix IPv6 traffic

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Thursday, 18. September 2014Week 37
.: Octave Minds

Octave Minds (via)

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Friday, 12. September 2014Week 36
.: Fancy blog statistics

The about page now features some fancy blog statistics, check it out :-)

The statistics are created with the help of Cal-Heatmap which allows to easily create calendar heatmaps similar to the activity heatmap of GitHub.

Update: couldn't stop playing around and thus added another chart, this time with the help of C3.js (a D3.js based reusable chart library).

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Thursday, 4. September 2014Week 35
.: Sipura/Linksys/Cisco SPA901 SPA3102 reboot phone

SPA901 and SPA3102 phones can be rebooted by calling the following URL (which triggers an automatic config resync after the reboot):


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