Lego Space Age

Lego Space Age

While browsing for something unrelated, I came about this wonderful Lego set called 'Tales of the Space Age'.
It was originally created by a fan designer through the Lego Ideas program and turned into this amazing looking Lego set.

I like the depiction of the space themed science fiction worlds very much, especially the beautiful color gradients giving each world a unique atmosphere.
The provided building instructions booklet builds on top of this with illustrations enhancing the views of these worlds.

Looking at these four panels with the nice space themed color gradients inspired me to rebuild them in CSS.
First I toyed around with one and then built the other three.

The outcome of this is now visible on where I replaced the previous entry page with the four color gradients.
The previous version is still available on as I couldn't decide yet to retire it, so will be keeping both for now :-)

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