Since I didn't have English courses for almost five years and since I plan to do an exchange year in 2006/2007, I'm actually following an English preparation course for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) with the target to do the certificate in July 2006.
The course is hold at the language center of the EPFL and is also paid by the EPFL (only the course, not the certificate).

It seems that for the course I have to write a sample letter each week. I thought this would be a good oppurtunity to easily add some English content to this weblog and this way there are much more people who can find mistakes and eventually give me some hints on how to improve my writing skills :-)

There we go, here is the first letter we had to write, already with the corrections.

Dear Thomas,

LikeAs you probably know, I help at the "Satellite" and we're organizing a concert tomorrow.
It's a concert ofwith two post-rock groups called "Rosqo" and "Beautiful Leopard".

"Satellite" is located on the second floor of the "CM" building of the EPFL. The concert starts at eight o'clock and finishes around midnight.

It seems that the two groups are quite popular, so please tell me if you can come as fastsoon as possible, so that I can reserve a ticket for you.

Since you're coming from Luzern there aren't any trains atafter midnight. But this isn't a problem, I'll organize a bed for you.

If you're not too tired after the concert, we could go out to the city and visit some discos.

Hope you'll come to the concert.

Best wishes


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