How to enable IPv6 on your Debian Linux server in 3 easy steps

  1. Compute your 6to4 IPv6 address (2002:uuuu:vvvv::1) from your IPv4 address (a.b.c.d):
    printf "2002:%02x%02x:%02x%02x::1\n" a b c d
  2. Add a SIT (IPv6-in-IPv4) interface in /etc/network/interfaces:
    auto sit0
    iface sit0 inet6 static
            address 2002:uuuu:vvvv::1
            netmask 64
            gateway ::
  3. ifup sit0

Now you can also add AAAA DNS records with 2002:uuuu:vvvv::1 for your domain(s).

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