.: Happy 20th Birthday x-log

On June 2nd 2002 I published the first (test) entry in this weblog. The first entry has disappeared since (thus making the second entry the first one in the archive of June 2002).

Screenshot of the first (test) entry

Compared to 20 years ago, the about page no longer needs to explain what a weblog is.
Interesting though that the linked definition of a weblog from back then already did foresee the rise and fall in popularity of weblogs which happend during the last two decades.
To me it seems in the last 1-2 years there has been an increase again in activity around personal weblogs; curious to see if this revival trend continues.

Also the weblog here has changed quite a bit. Initially its content was more on the pure web-logging side (commenting on interesting links I encountered during my daily Internet surfing) mixed with some kind of a journal/commentary of my day-to-day life. Later on it moved more towards a 'knowledge dump' on technical topics mixed with some music discoveries and random personal post from festivals and travels. And lately it has been rather sparse again with posts, still mostly on technical topics around coding, networking, security mixed with some personal posts commenting on the current world situation.
The frequency of posts also followed the changes in content where early on there sometimes were multiple posts per day, nowadays there can be multiple months without any post and there were even entire years where nothing new was posted; let's see how this goes in the future :-)

From the list of linked Blogs in 2002, only deep-resonance aka mk is still active, special shout-out to Markus for the continuous persistence.
To the next twenty years :-)

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