Saturday, 31. December 2022 Week 52
Sunday, 25. December 2022 Week 51

Alpha Bravo Charlie

While closing an old account I had to communicate using the infamous NATO/ICAO phonetic alphabet (US banks like to exchange the 20+ character long IBANs via poor-quality call-center phonelines).

As it has been a while since I last used it, I created a handy table to quickly lookup the code words:

Special feature: when queried by curl (eg. without a text/html Accept header) it returns the table as plaintext :-)

# curl
A Alpha      S Sierra
B Bravo      T Tango
C Charlie    U Uniform
D Delta      V Victor
E Echo       W Whiskey
F Foxtrot    X X-ray
G Golf       Y Yankee
H Hotel      Z Zulu
I India      0 Zero
J Juliett    1 One
K Kilo       2 Two
L Lima       3 Three
M Mike       4 Four
N November   5 Five
O Oscar      6 Six
P Papa       7 Seven
Q Quebec     8 Eight
R Romeo      9 Niner