Sunday, 27. February 2022Week 08
.: Dr Putin isch


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Saturday, 26. February 2022Week 08
.: Non à la guerre! Nein zum Krieg!

Today I went to Bern to the rally for peace.
My motivation was to show support for the people suffering in this war and to send a signal to our swiss government that the population wants clear participation in sanctions (while remaining neutral, the two in my view are not exclusive!).

Swiss media reported that this was the largest rally for peace in Switzerland since the rallies against the war in Iraq in 2003. That I can link to my own blog entry regarding the rally for peace from 19 years ago, makes me sad.
Clearly we as human species did not progress enough on this topic :-(

Besides showing up to the rally, I also did donate to the ICRC to provide humanitarian aid and I do encourage you to do the same.

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Sunday, 20. February 2022Week 07
.: EFF Member Badge 2022

EFF Member Badge 2022

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