Tuesday, 28. August 2012Week 35
.: Stripe CTF 2.0

Stripe: Capture The Flag

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Sunday, 5. August 2012Week 31
.: icanhazip.com clone with nginx

Thanks to the ngx_echo module, it is trivially easy to build a clone of the icanhazip.com service with nginx:

server {
	listen 80; 
	listen [::]:80;

	location / { 
		echo $remote_addr;

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.: How to get a Rootshell on a Cisco WAP121

The Cisco WAP121 runs a Linux based firmware. This is how you get a Rootshell on it:

  1. Login to the Web GUI of the WAP121 and enable the SSH management access
  2. Login with SSH and enter this command: sh

This probably works with the Cisco WAP321 as well (I only tested with the WAP121).
Also when having still only the one 'cisco' user account configured you can directly get a Rootshell via SSH like this: ssh -l root@<WAP121 IP>

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