IPv6 vs IPv4 traffic graphs in MikroTik

Out of curiosity I wanted to know how much of my Internet traffic uses IPv6 vs the legacy IPv4.

There is no out-of-the-box graph for this in MikroTik.
Several forum and Stack Overflow posts suggest using ratelimiting queues with their graphing feature to collect this data.

After experimenting a bit, I ended up with the following configuration which creates two queues to collect the traffic data.
Important to know, traffic flows on a first-match basis through the queues. Thus the trick of having first the queue matching IPv6 traffic and then the queue matching all the remaining traffic.
Also, I use 10G as 'unreachable' traffic limit to avoid any traffic being ratelimited. This works well for my 1Gbit/s setup, but will need to be adjusted if you have a higher bandwidth.

/queue simple add limit-at=10G/10G max-limit=10G/10G name=v6-traffic queue=ethernet-default/ethernet-default target=2000::/3 total-queue=ethernet-default
/queue simple add limit-at=10G/10G max-limit=10G/10G name=v4-traffic queue=ethernet-default/ethernet-default target="" total-queue=ethernet-default

Having the queues in place for a couple days results in the following graphs:

IPv6 Traffic
Weekly traffic graph of the IPv6 queue, showing an average of 379.65Kb incoming traffic.

IPv4 Traffic
Weekly traffic graph of the IPv4 queue, showing an average of 21.49Kb incoming traffic.

Happy to see that a large majority of my traffic uses IPv6 :-)

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