Tunnelbroker to the rescue

After nicely delivering native IPv6 connectivity for 3 years, my Internet provider Solnet made some changes in their backbone config on January 31st which broke their IPv6 setup.
Unfortunately escalating with their support did not bear any fruits so far (current state: they no longer respond on the support ticket…).

Thus change of plans, tunnelbroker.net (Hurricane Electric) to the rescue.
Took about 10 minutes to set everything up and now I'm enjoying IPv6 connectivity again (although with a reduced end-to-end MTU due to the 6in4 encapsulation).

Guess I'll have to look for a different Internet provider again.
Especially annoying is that I renewed the yearly plan with Solnet only a couple weeks ago, so will be stuck without native IPv6 connectivity for the next 11 months :-(

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