.: How to enable SNMP on a Cisco SLM2008 Smart Switch

The Cisco SMB SLM2008 Smart Switch does normally not support SNMP and there is also no setting in the configuration interface which would enable SNMP.

But nevertheless the firmware does actually contain a SNMP daemon. Thus it is not surprising that a smart guy on to the Cisco support forum found out how to manipulate the proprietary config file such that it enables the SNMP daemon:

  1. Configure your switch with everything you need
  2. Download enable_snmp.pl
  3. Run # perl enable_snmp.pl <IP of your switch>
  4. Enjoy the SNMP export from the SLM2008 :-)

As this is a non-official hack, there are some limitations:

  • The embedded SNMP daemon only supports read accces and no SNMP Traps.
  • Changing a setting on the 'System' configuration tab disables the SNMP daemon again (thus the script will need to be run again).

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