Please Blog

Please Bloga plea for less Big Web and more Small Web and an encouraging article to write your own blog. It also touches on the part about writing on your own domain (so to keep your content yours and not be at risk of a third-party commercial 'social' service going away).

Don’t wait for the Pulitzer piece. Tell me about your ride to work, about your food, what flavor ice cream you like. Let me be part of happiness and sadness. Show me, that there is a human being out there that, agree or not, I can relate to. Because without it, we are just actors in a sea of actors, marketing, proselytizing, advocating, and threatening towards each other in an always vicious circle of striving for a relevance that only buys us more marketing, more proselytizing, more advocating, and more threats.

(discovered via Thomas Gigold)

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