Puppet updated!

Yay! Successfully updated my Puppet Server setup from 5.3.7 to 8.4.0 🎉

It was quite a step (5.3.7 was released in January 2019) and as expected 3 major version bumps came with a couple changes.

I opted to re-create the PuppetDB and CA stores from scratch (to avoid having to migrate 5 years of data schema changes, and the CA cert is now also valid for a couple more years again).

To make the old manifests and modules work with the new versions, quite some effort was needed. This included rewriting some no longer maintained modules to use newer stdlib and concat libraries, updating a couple modules from the puppet forge (with the bonus that my puppet server runs airgapped and I had to use the download-tar-copy-extract way to install them) and fixing no longer valid syntax here and there in my custom manifests. Overall I spent about 5 hours on it (and have now a recurring reminder to update puppet more often to make this process less painful).

Helpful as usual were the resources from Vox Pupuli, in particular the Puppet Server and PuppetDB Docker images and the CRAFTY repo which contains a fully self-contained Docker Compose setup very similar to what I'm running.

Some commands that came in handy:

puppet config print ssldir --section agent
Returns the path of the TLS config folder on the client. Useful during a CA change (where you rm -rf the whole folder and then request a new TLS certificate).

puppet agent -t --noop
Dry-run the changes on the client (it does request a new TLS cert though!). Shows a nice diff of the changes it would do to files, helpful to validate that a manifest still behaves the same in the new version.

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