.: Configure unattached Bridge Interfaces in Debian

When working with virtualization technologies like KVM on Debian, you might need to configure bridge interfaces which are not attached to a physical interfaces (for example for a non-routed management network or similar).
Debian uses the directive bridge_ports in /etc/network/interfaces to indicate whether an interface is a bridge interface or not. The syntax checker does not accept an empty bridge_ports directive since he expects a list of physical interfaces to attach to the bridge interface.

When needing a bridge interface without any physical interfaces attached, usually people configure this interface by hand or with a special script.
Since I manage /etc/network/interfaces with my Puppet module, I would like to use it to configure all network interfaces including the unattached bridge interfaces.
It turns out that this can be done by passing none as parameter for the bridge_ports directive like this:

interface br0 inet static
	bridge_ports none

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