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Configuring Exim4 and Courier IMAP under Debian GNU/Linux, 25.06.2006 21:18

Today I finally installed a mail transfer agent/mail delivery agent on my server.

I quickly looked at the most popular applications for such a job (Exim, Postfix and qmail) and choosed Exim 4 (especially because it's the only one which is 'real' opensource).

Then I searched a Howto or tutorial on Google, but most results were not really useful. For example the Exim 4 Howto from like many others disappointed me a bit since they don't give any advice on configuring Exim. But after some evolution and mutation of the search string I finally found a very good guide.

Configuring Exim4 and Courier IMAP under Debian GNU/Linux from Jason Boxman helped me to set up Exim step by step. Not also he explains how to install Exim but he also shows how to interact with Courier IMAP and how to secure all transfers with SSL.

I can only recommend you this guide if you want to install Exim 4 on a Debian system.

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